Welcome to the first ever TAoES blog! We are launching this as we look back at what has been a strange year. As a company which set up to arrange Scottish entertainers for events, teach Scottish culture and bring the ‘round the fire’ craic to the world, CV19 was a bit of a setback. In talking about the effect of CV19 on TAoES we are incredibly aware that the effect of this disease worldwide has been devastating and we wanted to acknowledge that.

With all classes and events canceled for the foreseeable we decided to move as much as possible online. It has been a real pleasure to grow both our stepdance community and then add our Gaelic song class to our community. These classes are open to all levels and our reviews have been great! We have class on Sunday afternoon (SD at 12noon and GS at 1pm) and then share tips, song snippets and news via our FB community page.

As performers ourselves, we know the struggle this shutdown has caused. At TAoES we immediately decided to offer ‘virtual postcards’ – A way to send a message to a business, about a product or to a loved one. A  ‘packaged’ performance tailored to your needs. These have not only been fun to create and make, but have helped keep performance ‘live’ for us.

There is no doubt it has been a strange year (and we are only just over half way) but it has been amazing to see how people have adapted on an individual and organisation level becoming more accessible ( neighbours helping neighbours/ companies reaching around the world) and open. We are here if you’d like to tap some dance steps out or learn Gaelic song with others. We have a community and you would be so welcome to join!

Until the next time

Chì sinn a dh’aithgheàrr sibh